Frequently Ask Questions

What Is Your Note Worth?

The 4 Ways to Valuate Real Estate and Your Promissory Note

If you want to make a good investment, it is important to have an accurate property value, regardless if you are buying or selling a house. This is particularly necessary if a if mortgage note is involved. There are four ways your single family property and mortgage...

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Who Will Buy My Promissory Note?

What is a Promissory Note A promissory note is a document that is signed with a promise to pay back a stated sum to a specific person or bearer, at a specified date or on demand. This type of document can be written up for nearly any type of item out there that can be...

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Seller Financing: Quick Guide

What is Seller Financing? Seller financing is when an owner/seller puts their property up for sale with themselves acting as the financier of the property, rather than a banking institution. There is no bank involved as in traditional home sales—instead of a bank...

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