Have You Asked Yourself, How Do I Sell My Note?

If you need to sell your promissory note or mortgage note  to raise some cash for a medical bill or some other emergency, the process is very straight forward. Please read through this page to give you some guidance on selling your note.

The value of the note will depend on a number of factors including the number of payments remaining, and the interest rate, the terms of the note, how much down payment the buyer paid and the payment history and credit score of the payor. Another factor is what position is the note:  A first position or second position lien.  The most important factor to consider will be the underlying property value.

You should be asking yourself, how much do I really need? Sometimes you do not need the complete value of the note itself. If you only need perhaps a few thousand dollars to pay off some debt, you might consider selling only part of the note.

This is called selling a partial or partial interest in the note. Do not expect to get the full face value of the note. We are business people and need to make some profit. All note brokers and investors need to make some money and we do this by discounting the amount we may pay you. The discount will typically vary from 10 – 50 %. For example, on a $100, 000 note, the payment may be $50,000 – $90,000. The actually discount will vary depending on a number of things. Please complete the form to find out what you note is worth!


Note: We normally discount partials less than full notes. The advantage of selling partials is that in a few years you might be able to sell another partial interest in the note to us again!

How we actually determine the discount is based on the following:

Credit Score: The Credit Score of the borrower is vital parameter when determining how much we are willing to pay for a note. The lower the credit score, the more we will discount the note.

Payment History: If the note has a number of late payments, the value of the note will be decreased.

Seasoning: The longer a note has been receiving good payments, the more seasoned a note is considered. Some notes we will buy with 3 months of seasoning but generally we require 6 to 12 months of seasoning. The less seasoned a note is, the bigger the discount will be.

Protective Equity:  How much equity is there in the underlying property? More equity means more safety for the note investor. Also how much cash did the note holder put down when buying the property? If the note holder put down a large chunk of real cash, that helps valid the credibility of the actual payor and creates a comfort factor for the note buyer. People who put large chunks of cash down rarely default on the note payments.

The Time Value of Money:  The value of your note to an investor is worth more when it has a longer term. The shorter the term of the note, the less the discount will be. Therefore, a 30 year note will have a more significant discount than a 5 year note.

There are a number of documents we will need to see in order to make you an offer on your real estate promissory note.

    1. The actual note itself.  We must have this original and not a photocopy.
    2. The security instrument i.e. the Mortgage or the Trust Deed securing the note to the property.
    3. The Payor’s Social Security Number and Credit History.
    4. An Insurance policy for the underlying real estate property naming the payor as the loss payee and/or additionally insured entities.
    5. Lender’s title policy, if you don’t have title insurance you will need to get one in order for us to complete any transaction with you.

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Selling My Promissory Note – Frequently Asked Questions

Do you only buy real estate notes?

We buy real estate notes, business notes and other forms of cash flows. See our buying criteria for business notes and other cashflows.

What Types of Real Estate Notes Do You Buy?

      1. Single family homes notes
      2. Notes on Condos and Town Homes
      3. Mobile Home Notes with Land – Both Single wide and Double wide mobile homes.
      4. Duplexes. Triplexes and Fourple
      5. Commercial Real Estate
      6. Land

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